About Design Adage

The DesignAdage platform is an apophthegmata on design, a collection of design adages: aphorisms, proverbs, quotes, ideas, bywords, old saws, epigrams, statements, inscriptions, maxims, mottos, catch phrases, dictums, axioms, platitudes, idioms, repartees, texts and sayings.

What is a Design Adage?

An adage (/ˈædɨdʒ/; Latin: adagium) is a short, usually philosophical, but memorable saying which holds some important fact of experience that is considered true by many people, or that has gained some credibility through its long memetic use. A Design Adage, is therefore an adage on design. However we have a few rules.


Design Adage Rules

  • RULE 1) Title: For each design adage, we must have a Title, the title of the design adage is a single word. The title of the design adage is the topic of the design adage itself: the design adage title is not a summary. Example titles could be for example: “Love, Design, Industrial Design, Packaging Design, Design Inspiration” etc.

  • RULE 2) Body: Design adages should be interesting observations, practical or ethical guidelines, or skeptical comments on life. Design adages can also be products of your folk wisdom, and design adages could very well summarize some basic truth on design. Design adages can be your personal motto or even mission statements.

  • RULE 3) Good design adages can be considered as proverbs for design or design bywords. A design adage that describes a general rule of conduct is a design maxim. A distinguished expression with a particular depth or good style could be a great design aphorism, and if you could distinguish your aphorism by wit or irony is a design epigram.

  • RULE 4) Best design adages are expected to become a design cliché or truism, and your design adage could be described as an "old saw" in future. When writing a design adages think of stating a “law or principle of design”.

  • RULE 5) Author: Each design adage shall be attributed to an author; a person, a company or a group of people who has come up with the adage.

  • RULE 6) Description: Each adage or design quote should also have a description, adages without descriptions will be removed permanently. For each adage, keywords are also required.

  • RULE 7) You cannot write or include an URL in your adage (not in title, body or description).

  • RULE 8) No nonsense. Any unrelevant content or adages that do not obey these laws will be removed.

Submission Rules
If you will submit your own adages on design, please also keep in mind that design adages should not be offensive, and the statements shall be socially appropriate. DesignAdage platform will remove any design adages that violate this law.  Furthermore, we will only publish online “unique” design adages. I.e. if someone already written a very similar design adage, it is too late! To submit a design adage, you should register, login and type your design adage. Remember that we reserve right to make these adages to a book and publish them without your prior consent or without providing a reimbursement, yet we will quote your name. After login, remember to type your website address in your profile to ensure that if someone likes your design statement, they could check your works. Best design adages each year will earn a complimentary nomination ticket to submit a single digital entry into the A' Design Award & Competition, the worlds' leading international design competition. Furthermore, select design adages will be published on some design magazines such as DesignAmid and hopefully as a book.

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